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Katriina Vesanen, Anne Heikola, Maika Kummel & Sini Eloranta
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This guide offers pedagogical guidance for younger relatives teaching technology to older persons. Lue lisää...


Sara Malve-Ahlroth
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Would you be interested in new types of co-creation with enterprises? The ABCs of the operational model for co-creation developed in the Open DaaS project are compiled into these guidelines. Lue lisää...


Meiju Keinänen
0,00 €

This study presents some examples of innovative learning environments based on innovation pedagogy and concrete tools to assess and boost students’ innovation competences. The tested instruments bring a new perspective and support for curriculum design, pedagogical practices and teaching, and assessment in higher education.

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Inkä Mäkiö & Marketta Virta (eds.)
0,00 €
This guide presents three methods for teaching circular economy. The methods can be implemented by anyone working with students, despite the background. Lue lisää...


Chris Fox, Harri Jalonen, Susan Baines, Andrea Bassi, Caroline Marsh, Veronica Moretti & Michael Willoughby
0,00 €
This paper draws together ideas about co-creation, social innovation, social investment and individual and collective values that underpin the CoSIE project and shows the relationship between these concepts and how they can support innovation in public services. Lue lisää...


David Yoken
0,00 €
This publication recognizes 20 years of innovative interdisciplinary education created by a network of Nordic and Baltic university arts programs. Lue lisää...

Tuotteita: 92   |   Sivu 1/16   |   « edellinen sivu   |   seuraava sivu »


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