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Innovation Pedagogy
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Liisa Kairisto-Mertanen & Taru Konst
0,00 €

Redesigning Education – Visions and Practices provides ideas, guidelines and solutions why and how to develop education; in other words, how to make the change in education required by the changing and dynamic environment. The book is primarily directed at the management of educational institutions, education developers and planners, as well as for decision-makers of educational policies and strategies, but it can provide development ideas also for teaching staff in their everyday work.

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Meiju Keinänen
0,00 €

This study presents some examples of innovative learning environments based on innovation pedagogy and concrete tools to assess and boost students’ innovation competences. The tested instruments bring a new perspective and support for curriculum design, pedagogical practices and teaching, and assessment in higher education.

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Inkä Mäkiö & Marketta Virta (eds.)
0,00 €
This guide presents three methods for teaching circular economy. The methods can be implemented by anyone working with students, despite the background. Lue lisää...


Sara Malve-Ahlroth, Sonja Lankiniemi, Henna Knuutila & Marketta Virta
0,00 €
Innovation camp is a mutually beneficial way of bringing students and com­panies together. This manual helps with organizing an innovation camp. The manual includes checklists and tasks you will need for setting up the camp, and templates and additional material to facilitate the process. Lue lisää...


Taru Konst & Liisa Kairisto-Mertanen
28,00 €

Traditional educational approaches no longer lead to competences appreciated in the job market and necessary for creating and maintaining a sustainable future. This book helps educational institutions to understand how to organize and implement education in order to ensure their graduates have innovation competences needed in all fields.

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Sirpa Niittymäki & Ulla Seppälä-Kavén
23,00 €
The handbook presents a learning method developed by Turku University of Applied Sciences, implemented in the form of Project Hatchery work. Lue lisää...

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