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Loki on lähtökohtaisesti Open Access -julkaisualusta.
Anna Tonteri, Johanna Krappe, Irmeli Leino, Terttu Parkkinen, Susanna Pyörre & Marja Susi (eds.)
MOVING ON! Encounters and Experiences in Arts – Working Multiprofessionally with the Youth: MIMO Project 2010–2013
Reports from Turku University of Applied Sciences 175
436 p., 2013
ISBN: 9789522164278
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During a three-year period, the MIMO – Moving In, Moving On! Application of Art-Based Methods to Social and Youth Work project has developed multiprofessional co-operation and education in arts, in the social and health care sector and in youth work.

The Moving On! Encounters and Experiences in Arts – Working Multiprofessionally with the Youth article collection introduces the multiprofessional work model developed in the project as well as practical experiences of multiprofessional co-operation in Finland and Estonia. The MIMO project workshops targeted at young people have utilised several different forms of art: theatre, puppet theatre, dance, visual arts, photography, digital storytelling and music. During the project, more than 300 workshops have been organised and over 5,000 young people have participated in the project activities.

These practical articles offer perspectives on how multiprofessional art-based work, despite its challenging nature, is worthwhile and creates added value for teaching and working with young people. This publication can be used as teaching material at universities at degree and continuing education levels. It is targeted both at professionals and future professionals who work with youth or who are interested in working with them. The writers represent a variety of disciplines and have considerable professional experience as pedagogues.

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