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Loki on lähtökohtaisesti Open Access -julkaisualusta.
Meiju Räsänen & Annariikka Kyllönen (eds.)
Research Hatchery as a Cradle for New Innovators – Handbook for implementation
Course Material from Turku University of Applied Sciences 84
52 p., 2013
ISBN: 9789522164216
0,00 €

This handbook presents a new pedagogical method – the research hatchery – on a practical level, offering experiences and implications relating to the method. Research hatcheries are part of the innovation pedagogy approach adopted at TUAS, and they have also been applied in the project Innovation Competencies Development (INCODE).

In today’s society, it is an urgent task to raise a new generation of professionals, whose conceptions of producing, adopting and utilizing knowledge make innovative thinking and creating innovations possible. INCODE strived to connect professional working life with professional education by enhancing innovation potential in higher education institutions. The guide at hand sums up experiences from research hatchery pilots from INCODE partner countries.

The main focus of the handbook, however, is to offer step by step guidelines on how to implement the method in practice. The guide highlights good practices and possible challenges of working with research hatcheries. It encourages educators to explore and apply the method in their work.

The descriptions of pilots with interviews of key players – students, teachers and RDI experts – show, on a practical level, how teaching and learning can become more versatile and interesting to both teachers and students by applying the new research hatchery approach.

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