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Loki on lähtökohtaisesti Open Access -julkaisualusta.
Katriina Vesanen, Anne Heikola, Maika Kummel & Sini Eloranta
Tips for teaching technology to seniors – a pedagogical guide
Course Material from Turku University of Applied Sciences 128
13 pp., 2019
ISBN: 9789522167439
0,00 €

Technology and digitalization have become a part of society and people’s everyday lives. Services are digitalizing at full speed, and contacting friends is done quickly on social media. Even though senior citizens represent an increasing group of technology users, many of them do not possess appropriate competence and skills. Without sufficient skills and support, they face a risk of social exclusion.

This guide offers pedagogical guidance for younger relatives teaching technology to older persons. Age is not an obstacle – the ability to learn remains throughout life. During the learning process of senior citizens, the factors related to ageing should however be taken into account, such as changes in hearing and vision. The learning of senior citizens may also be hampered by instructions which are unclear or progress too quickly, or by unfamiliar IT concepts.

The guide has been implemented in the Be Smart Seniors (BESS) project (2018–2020, Erasmus+ funded), which aims at supporting senior citizens in the use of technology. The project also promotes and offers support for life-long and intergenerational learning.


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